Charlie Welch

cfwelch at umich dot edu
Office: 3921 BBB
2260 Hayward Street
48109, Ann Arbor, MI
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I'm currently a PhD student and graduate research assistant at the University of Michigan. I'm working with Prof. Rada Mihalcea and the LIT lab. I am working on predicting conversational behavior (mainly what people will say) in longitudinal dialog using insights from psycholinguistic, stylometric, and pragmatic analysis of conversations.

In the past I worked on information retrieval and natural language processing techniques to compile and analyze information about interests in computer science from three sources: ACM publications, statements of purpose, and survey data. I studied how interests in computer science topics vary across gender, age, level of experience, and a few other attributes.

I worked on a project related to question answering and conversational agents for the purpose of automated academic advising. My focus was on (1) natural language understanding for recognizing entities relevant to dialog management and the sentiment toward those entities and (2) AMR semantic parsing using external knowledge.

I received my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Kettering University. There I worked with Prof. Saroja Kanchi on efficient localization of wireless sensor networks and with Prof. Peter Stanchev on classification of paintings using MPEG-7 descriptors.